Living A Positive Life – Letting Go

Letting go is something I’ve struggled with all my life.  It continues to be a daily endeavor for me to give up control of the things I have no means to assuage. Some self-evaluation leads me to believe that it started as the mark of being the eldest of four siblings and that it continued as I… Continue reading Living A Positive Life – Letting Go

Living A Positive Life – Faith

While the subject of Faith is definitely the top rung of the ladder to positivism, it always takes some introspection for me to write about it. My faith has been the single-most important part of my life. It’s not always been at the forefront, but it’s always been what I’ve hung onto. I, like most… Continue reading Living A Positive Life – Faith

Living a Positive Life – Giving

Including “giving” as a factor in maintaining a positive life has always seemed a bit selfish to me.  Giving, as a whole, should be an altruistic act.  However, the rewards are abundant and perhaps that’s how it was intended. I believe we’re all here to help each other.  We are, however intrinsically, always searching for meaning.… Continue reading Living a Positive Life – Giving

Living A Positive Life-Fitness

  In this regrouping of thoughts and ideas… I’ve dug deep into the reasons why I smile.  I have my bad days, like we all do.  I have parts of me that need work.  I also have an airport cart full of baggage from the past that gets to me from time to time.  However,… Continue reading Living A Positive Life-Fitness